Every week I encounter at least 20 people who are dealing with seemingly major stressors in their lives. Business, money and family seem to be the trendiest reasons for stress. Although I am not a professional stress counselor I believe I have had my share of all of the above stressors and may have some usable insight as to what really works to mend the mind.

Exercise Frequently: Physical activity helps to bump up the production of endorphins, your brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters. That’s why it makes sense to exercise more when you’re stressed, not less. Not only will you liven up after a workout, you will have more energy to cope with life’s little tragedies.

Eat Frequently: The main cause of overeating is stress. And the main cause of obesity is overeating. Don’t add “obesity” to your already “stressed out life”. Eat right and eat often. Good food makes you feel good! Eat it with frequency and you will “feel good” more frequently.

Have Sex Frequently: Its time to bang the gong and get it on. Sex is much more than a good time. Having sex helps you forget your stressors. Couple your newfound forgetfulness with the endorphin surge you will receive and you’ve discovered your very own anti-depressant medication……that is until one more suprise family member is produced!

Smile Frequently: This is an old one but its true. It’s pretty tough to be down and out if you are still smiling. Find a reason to smile and do it often.

Quit Whining: All your doing is putting salt on your wound when you moan. Besides, nobody likes a whiner. Toughen up, figure out precisely what is “stressing you out” and fix it. Stay laser focused on solutions to your quandary.

Take Some Time: We need time alone, time to think and time away from the distractions of the boardroom, the classroom, and the control center. We need time to simply “be.”