1. Focus on positive self-talk. Congratulate yourself every time you take a step towards your goal. Be your own best cheerleader.
  2. Avoid berating yourself if you should fall back. Just brush yourself off and start over again.
  3. Stick to your resolution by considering it a promise to yourself, not a test of your willpower.
  4. Avoid situations that put you in temptation’s path, meaing if you’re on a diet, don’t go to the ice cream parlor.
  5. Keep a sticky not in a prominent place so that you see it every day, reminding yourself of your goals (i.e., on your bathroom mirror, next to your bed, on the visor of your car, on the refrigerator).
  6. Be realistic. Make sure you plan is a realistic one that can fit into your lifestyle.  Will you really have the energy to exercise for a hour, 6-days per week?
  7. Enter a 5k race
  8. Hire an Ignite Fitness Trainer.  Pre-pay for 36 personal training sessions, you will show up, your trainer will hold you accountable and you will achieve your goals.
  9. Pre-pay your Ignite Fitness membership for a year! You are more likely to use something you paid for rather than something you did not pay for.
  10. Bring a friend to Ignite Fitness.  Many people do better when they workout with a friend! This month, you can even share and Ignite Fitness trainer!

Our clients are losing at least 8 pounds per month…

getting off blood pressure and cholesterol medications…

and experiencing energy levels that are through the roof!

All using nutrition and exercise programs we develop for them!

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You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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