A Big Pain in the Knee

A few blocks down the street, Mary Ann limps into her doctor’s examining room, almost in tears over the relentless ache in her left knee. It turns out that both of her knees are in perfect shape. The doctor, however, informs her that the pain in her knee might be a sign of a hip disorder, and subsequent examination confirms this to be the case.

The point to this short story above is to bring to your attention that the pain related area my not necessarily be the problematic area. Here are some key factors that can be correlated to knee pain:

  • ·         Weak adductors/abductors
  • ·         Weak Lumbar muscles
  • ·         Weak Hamstring muscles
  • ·         Weak Hip Flexors
  • ·         Weak Glute muscles
  • ·         Impinged Lumbar/Sacral nerves
  • ·         Improper running mechanics

Before thinking about surgery or taking any other drastic measures, look at these common coinciding injuries that can/may relieve knee discomfort.  Strengthen Adductors/Abductors, Glutes, Erector Spinae muscles and Hip Flexors. Doing these can also release impinged Lumbar/Sacral nerves and ultimately fix improper mechanics in lower limb exercises.

Have a great week,

Matt Carroll

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