To begin cutting down on starches and sugars, here are a few tips:

  1. Avoid fast food. Hopefully you know why by now… if you’ve been on the moon for the past 15 years, stop by Ignite fitness and we’ll teach you why not to eat fast food.
  2. If you can’t avoid fast food, have a burger, fries and a shake. Be sure to super-size it…. Why not, the FDA approves it!
  3. When you shop for food, avoid the center of the store where all the starches and sugar products lie (on the inner aisles).  Instead, shop around the perimeter for fresh fruit, vegetables, and meat.
  4. Seek out recipes that use fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, lean meat and unsaturated fat.
  5. If possible, buy organic food.
  6. Be wary of sugar substitutes – they can have side effects.  Instead, train your tongue to be satisfied with real fruit.
  7. Don’t buy juice – it’s concentrated fruit sugar.  Eat the whole fruit so that you get the fiber, too. You’re not a little kid anymore so you don’t get to eat like one!
  8. If you crave pasta, eat whole-wheat pasta.
  9. Avoid bread, unless its multi-grain whole-wheat, and even then eat it very sparingly.
  10. Instead of toast or biscuits for breakfast, have fresh fruit.

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