Dear Friends,

In 2011, we helped sponsor a family in need. The month or two leading up to Christmas was magical. We accomplished more than I could imagine in a very short period of time! A Family was homeless and had nothing but the clothes are there back.  Someone gave them a house, we furnished the house, diapered the twin babies for months, clothed the kids, fed the family and gave them hope! It was amazing what a little gym could do and how happy it made everyone who gave! Giving is healthy!!!

Thank you to all who participated or donated. It was awesome.

Most of you heard of a recent tragedy in which Art Slatin was accused of killing his wife Marcella.

The Slatin parents left behind 4 children. A 3 yr old boy, 4 & 6 yr  old girls and a 16 yr old boy.

The children are temporarily living with their Aunt and it sounds like they will be moving to their grandmothers soon.

These kids did nothing wrong, yet they have lost their parents and are now in need of basic necessities such as food and clothing.  Let’s help!

Let’s help them by giving Non-perishable food, gift cards, blankets, towels and hygiene kits… Anything will help them.

Please bring whatever you can to the gym. If you haven’t been here, we are located at 2951 N Swan Rd, Tucson, AZ 85712 (Adjacent to Mcmahons behind Verve). If you are too far away, we’ll figure out something-shoot me an email or text me at 520-425-6505.

Let’s make it happen for these kids,

Matt Carroll

Ignite Fitness

2951 N Swan rd

Tucson, AZ 85712

Gym 520-325-5455

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You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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