Exercising or dieting by yourself can be tough. Boot camps provide support by grouping like-minded people together and making sure qualified and experienced staff on hand to motivate, educate and inspire you to work toward your diet and/or fitness goals. If you find your motivation is lacking, being part of a group can spur you on.

Total Immersion
Whether your boot camp is aimed at weight loss or fitness, you will focus on working toward your weight or fitness goal. This kind of total immersion minimizes distractions and encourages compliance, which means you are much more likely to make progress toward your goal, compared with going it alone.

Many new exercisers and dieters drop out of their respective programs before they experience any progress. Boot camps, where close supervision and guidance are the norm, encourage compliance by ensuring that all exercise sessions are supervised by a qualified member of the team. This supervision and support mean that you are less likely to skip a workout.

Increased Results
Boot camps are often relatively strict in terms of exercise — certainly more strict than you will be with yourself. Whit this combination, lack of distractions and supervised encouragement, means there are fewer opportunities to sabotage your exercise routine. This means that you should experience greater results compared with working on your own.

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