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“I Feel Bloated…”

During my training career, I have had many clients complain about bloating. More often than not, I hear this issue from women. Having read my weekly emails over the past few years, gut function is always at the forefront of my mind, without that in place everything is going to be compromised. If you’re constantly finding that your stomach is bloated then reading the following points in order to help fix this annoying issue.

Get Tested

If you find that a food is constantly causing you to bloat there’s an obvious issue here. An easy solution to this is to get tested. This way you have some solid evidence of problematic foods. Food allergies and gut problems can change over time, therefore, regular checkups are the best idea. For instance, if you’ve over consumed egg whites for too long, potentially they will cause bloating as you develop a sensitivity to them. Stop guessing and have your GI doctor test you for allergens and even infections.

Soak Your Food

Sometimes, preparation can be the key! Take oats and rice, for instance, some people will find that these two foods make them feel bloated. This is due to the Phytic Acid content found on them. If you simply soak these foods overnight in water, it will significantly reduce the Phytic Acid. Again, this is just one example of how preparing a food in a specific way can change the way it behaves in your gut.

Increase Fiber

Bloating might not always be cause because of something you are taking in, it can be from a lack of something as well. The lack of fiber within the GI tract can cause bloating, other times it’s because your body can’t process the food quickly enough. If you find that you’re gut isn’t breaking down food quickly enough then insoluble fiber might be what you need, to speed things up. If in contrast you find that your digestion needs to slow down then soluble fiber should be what you are aiming for.

There are tons of other reasons why you experience bloating, maybe you’re simply putting too many calories into your body at once. If this is the case, you might want to consider reducing portion sizes and eating more frequently. The bottom line is, if you’re always bloated you need to address this.

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