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Let me enlighten you on a few things. The human body (yes, even yours) function based on a few things. BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) and BF% (Body Fat Percentage). Between these combinations, you can manipulate your exercise and diet to lose body fat.

BMR determines how many calories the human body needs to survive if you were to plop your butt down on the couch for twenty-four hours (I highly discourage you to do so). TDEE will determine how many calories you burn in a day between exercising and daily activities. BF% will let you know how much of your body is fat, in turn, you can find out how much lean muscle remains on your skeletal system. After all is said and done, this will yield you a calorie count that you will need to stick too in order to achieve your goal.

Let me back up for a second…

Majority of society has no clue about any of this, therefore they result back to what they DO know, the scale!!

A lot of people seem to confuse weight loss and fat loss. ANYONE can lose weight. It takes a lot more work and dedication to lose fat.

Let’s look at this scenario. You sit in the sauna for 20 minutes, step on the scale and the number is lower as if you have super powers and the weight melted off like fire to a candle stick. News flash! That is simply water weight. What happens when you eat food and drink some water after that?! BINGO! The weight jumps back up on the scale. All you are doing by weighing yourself every day is ensuring that, yes, you are in fact losing weight, not fat.

So when you say, “I want to lose weight”. What you are really saying is, “you want to lose fat”.

How do you lose fat you ask? Simple, decrease the amount of calories that you are taking in. You can figure this number out by using the information given at the beginning. You will also need to burn more from exercise (this is were having a skilled trainer comes in).

My rule of thumb is, decrease 250 calories from food and 250 calories from exercise. That is 500 calories a day, times seven days, equals 3,500 calories. Now, you may not know this, but that happens to be one- pound.

Here is where people tend to FREAK OUT. By doing this, the number on the scale will not drop as fast as they would like or even as fast as when they were doing things like before. Not to worry. Let’s look at this picture as an example.

A picture can say a thousand words! This women weighs the same exact weight in both pictures but obviously (to me anyways) looks better in the right side. You can see that her BF% is much lower than before. She has also increased lean muscle mass (muscle weighs more than fat). What you cannot see, she probably eats a whole lot MORE calories than previously do to a number of different reasons (this is a whole different topic for another time).

Here is the reality of the situation, throw the damn scale out! Stop following that meaningless number and focus on your body fat percentage and measurements. These will show progress better than anything!

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