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Before I get too far into this, I want to make one thing clear, the emphasis is not to train through pain. However, this email is to enhance your knowledge if you feel discomfort on a specific exercise in certain planes of motion. As always, you should consult with an injury specialist whenever you have an issue occurring.

At some point in everyone’s life, I believe it is safe to say, we have felt discomfort doing specific exercises. It is hard to narrow down the exact problem causing the aggravating. Maybe it’s the fixed motion or simply the angle in which you are doing a particular exercise that is aggravating the trouble area. Below are a few things I have personally found to potentially help certain issue, depending on the location and severity of the issue.


Unilateral Exercises 

Unilateral exercises are widely overlooked due to one big reason, lack of knowledge of the exercise form. However, unilateral exercises are a great way to give the muscle group more freedom of movement and as a result of the supporting joint (s). For instance if you’re training chest and find the locked position of a chest press machine causes aggravation, doing dumbbell press will often allow you to work around this a bit better.


Range Of Motion

Sometimes the problem occurs at a certain point in the range of motion you are using. For instance when performing a shoulder pressing, potentially the issue arises at the bottom part of the movement. By reducing the range of motion in which you perform this particular exercise will allow for muscle stimulation while avoiding further injury of the join or muscle. Obviously, this will depend on the severity of the problem.


All In The Angle

Altering the angle of at which you perform an exercise can sometimes instantly alleviate aggravation in a body part. For instance, the shoulder is a common problem while doing a flat bench press. However, by increasing the angle of the bench, as little as thirty degrees, can shift gravity off of the shoulder joint and pain will subside. You will still stimulate the chest muscles by doing this. This is just one example of many like this throughout the body.

Ultimately there will be times where a specific area of your body isn’t able to perform as it should due to pain or aggravation. If it is deemed safe by a specialist to continue training whilst this heals you need to have ways of stimulating your muscles without causing further irritation.

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