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With Spring in full affect (at least in Tucson) and soon BBQ parties and pool gatherings will be popping up at everyone’s house, I figured this topic would be a perfect time to cover this!

There seems to be a few problem areas where people accumulate fat the most, the lower back fat is an extremely common problem area. You’ll often find the layers of fat in this area are very thick. Often, it is the very last area to become the leanest during a fat loss transformation.

The reality is the body will want to hold on to body fat in certain areas over others as a means of protecting organs. You don’t need so much fat on your arms for instance. There have been theories tossed around that this is linked to insulin resistance. However I don’t know if I agree with this 100%. Instead, to lose body fat in any area of the body, you need to improve insulin sensitivity, in turn, fat stores will go down with time provided your diet, training and supplementation is correct.

It is very normal for individuals to have more stubborn areas where fat takes longer to reduce. This isn’t anything to concern yourself about other than focusing on gradually receding your overall fat percentage with the correct approach. For instance, some people look very lean from the front and carry lower back fat for longer. Others will look lean from the back but have more fat around their lower abdomen.

Regardless of which areas are more stubborn for you it’s the overall approach to reducing fat which matters the most. I’m addressing this issue today because I find a lot of people get caught up with one specific area, losing focus on the major goal, doing irrational things which usually does more damage than good.

. Get your ass up every morning and do your cardio

. Weigh your meals and don’t veer off plan so you know exactly what you’re eating

. Make ALL your workouts to maximize body composition changes

Always look at the bigger picture and understand that steady progress in the right direction is always better than two steps in the wrong directions, aiming for something in an unrealistic time scale.

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