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I’ve always preached that to maximize your results in the gym, you MUST time your meals properly to optimize the nutrients you are consuming. I also practice what I preach, for both, myself and my clients. There isn’t a day that doesn’t go by that I don’t write on my schedule which meal I am eating and when.

Here are 3 reasons WHY I do this!

  • Nutrient Absorption & Digestion

Picking the right food at the right time of day will ultimately benefit your digestion far better than eating random foods at random times throughout the day. Therefore, far better nutrient absorption as well. People always tend to under estimate the importance of gut performance, however, let’s stop and think of it logically. If you are not breaking food down properly how can you possibly benefit from the nutrients to the fullest extent?

Arguably, the most important time of the day to be selective about food choices, from a digestive perspective, is the pre and post workout window. You need nutrients that the body can easily breakdown and utilize.

  • Energy Levels 

Timing your food properly will inevitably magnify your energy levels, no questions! For instance, in the morning, by consuming a breakfast which gradually elevates your blood sugar levels improving satiety and giving you sustained energy throughout the day. On the other hand, if you have a meal which lacks in slow release energy, more often than not, you will crash soon afterwards.

The same can be said for any other meal, especially your pre-workout meal.

  • Hormonal Response

Certain times of the day your body will respond better to certain foods. Although, each person will have different preferences. For instance, if somebody has extremely high cortisol levels after a stressful day, it might be a good idea to have more carbs in their pre workout meal to help moderate levels. By eating carbs at a certain can help address the issue at hand, before it happens.

Most people will be more insulin sensitive after a workout because of the intensity in the gym, making them more primed to soak up carbohydrates. For some people having fast acting carbs is a great idea, most people will do this in their post-workout shake or meal. However, like I said it does depend on them.

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