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Ignite Fitness – Yoga


will change the way you look, feel and think. Classes focus on breathing in relation to postures that improve flexibility, core strength, balance, coordination and posture alignment. As muscles are stretched and contracted at a cellular level, lipids and proteins reorganize optimally, allowing for better circulation. All classes use muscular resistance and isolation in order to rock your body toward your goals.


In a nutshell, PiYo will rock your world! Once you try it, you’ll find that PiYo is unlike any other format, and guess what? You’ll love it. PiYo is a unique class designed to build strength & gain flexibility. The moves fit perfectly together to form a class filled with intense choreography that’s fun, challenging and will make you sweat. It’s about energy, power, and rhythm. Think sculpted abdominals, increased overall core strength, and greater stability.

Power Yoga

If you think yoga is too slow or you can’t get a “real workout” – think again. Be prepared to work and move with this fast-paced, dynamic class designed to make you sweat! It will get your heart rate up and help tone and sculpt your body.

Group Workouts

Hold You Accountable. Get the support you need from group fitness classes. Working out in a group provides accountability and structure to help achieve fitness goals. You are more likely to get a great workout and better results from the well-rounded movements and direction you get in a group setting with a skilled fitness instructor. The class motivates each other to pick up the pace and reach beyond plateaus. People who workout in groups stick to their goals more consistently than those that workout alone. Working out in a group is more fun, too! Inspire others and let them inspire you.

Ready to start on a new you?

Corporate Fitness Program

By helping your employees feel better, we help them work better!

Ignite Fitness will customize a program to ensure that your workforce gets healthier. Programming will be tailored to the health needs of employees and will include:

Ignite Fitness Corporate Training On-site

At the gym or nearby, indoor/outdoor workouts customized for all fitness levels:

  • Flexible AM/PM meeting times for 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 day per week sessions
  • Comprehensive health assessment, including physical fitness screening, body fat analysis and cardio vascular screenings
  • Team-building exercises that promote unity and create a fun, supportive workout environment Expert coaching by experienced certified personal trainers
  • One-on-one and group fitness training, including cardiac risk factor reduction at your workplace or at our facility
    Yoga/Spin classes Individual take-home programs
  • Accountability and daily messaging
  • Consultation services to help establish a health risk management program

Employee Discounts (As little as 5 employees)

  • Waived initiation fee 25%
  • Discount on private training 50%
  • Discount on semi-private training
  • Free nutritional assessment 50%
  • Discount for membership
  • FREE membership if you hire a trainer

Free On-Site Educational Workshops

  • On-site
  • Choose any health and fitness related topic
  • Ability to Schedule
  • A Free Personalized fitness assessment

Bring valuable information to your employees, which can truly make a positive impact on their lives and your bottom line!

Increased Profits

How do health risk management programs affect a business’ bottom line?

Does the benefit exceed the cost of the program?

There is more and more research on the fiscal advantage of providing a health risk management program. Here are some findings:

  • Employers who invest in worksite health promotion programs can see a return of $3-$6 for every dollar invested over a 2-5 year period. Documented savings are observed in medical costs, absenteeism, worker’s compensation claims, short-term disability and absenteeism (lower on-the-job efficiency due to employee health problems.) (American Journal of Preventive Medicine, December 2005)
  • The city of Glendale, Ariz., has had a wellness program for nine years. The city estimates it gets $10 back for every dollar spent on the program. (BNET.com, Wellness Incentives: how well do they work?)
  • There are over 600 articles that analyze the research and anecdotal evidence of the cost-effectiveness of worksite wellness programs. In a review of 42 of these articles, there has been shown to be a:
    • 28% reduction in sick leave absenteeism
    • 26% reduction in use of the health care benefit
    • 30% reduced worker’s compensation claims and disability management
  • Reduced presenteeism losses (Larry Chapman, “Meta-evaluation of Worksite Health Promotion Economic Return Studies“, The American Journal of Health Promotion, 2003) 40 million working days a year are lost in the US due to stress-related illness.
  • A recent study showed that Corporate fitness center participants had 1.3 days fewer short-term disability claims per year per employee than non-participants and had fewer health risks. (Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, April 2006)
  • On average, health care claim costs for IBM employees who exercise 1- 2 times a week are $350 a year less than those who don’t exercise at all. (Joyce Young, IBM’s Well-Being Director in BenefitNews.com March, 2006)

Health Risk Management

It’s no secret that health care costs are climbing at a dramatic rate. Business analysts project that the continued rise in the cost of medical care and health insurance will at some point make it impossible for many corporations and small businesses to afford health care for employees.

Corporate fitness is a total business solution designed to reduce insurance premiums through company sponsored health and wellness campaigns. We will design a customized solution to your specific needs. First, we’ll conduct a comprehensive Health Screening to give you metrics on the scope of health within your organization. Second, we’ll work together to create a plan with your company and your health insurance provider that benefits everyone involved. At that point we’ll prove results and ROI through detailed metrics and whole-company involvement.

These programs are designed to save money, improve morale, increase employee energy and productivity, promote a positive work environment, and in most cases come at no additional cost.

As the cost of American medical care increases, many major insurance companies are moving in the direction of a preventative health model, rather than the existing reactive model which only treats disease, at a much greater cost. What this means is that your insurance company may already have a program in place to help recover most if not all of the cost for our wellness services. It is proven that healthier employees greatly improve your company’s bottom line.

Stage 1: Engagement Services

Executive and Employee Engagement
Employee Surveys, HRA’s and Biometrics to assess current state
Wellness planning services

Stage 2: Activities & Tracking

Group / Private Fitness Training
Wellness software portals
Wellness & Lifestyle Coaching

Stage 3: Follow Up & Re-engagement

Employee Surveys to re-assess
Annual Health Risk Assessments
Results Driven Performance & Review with Insurance

Class Schedule

6:00 – 7:00 AM
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6:00 – 6:30 AM
6:00 – 7:00 AM
6:30 – 7:30 AM
6:30 – 7:30 AM
9:00 – 10:00 AM


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