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At Ignite, our Certified Personal Fitness trainers have years of hands-on experience. Our personal trainers’ areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, fat loss, rehabilitation, muscle development, endurance enhancement, diet coordination, and goal setting. They bring practical knowledge, skill and experience to every training session.

What separates Ignite Fitness Tucson from all other personal training studios in the country? It’s our ongoing educational program. In order to be the best at what we do, we need to learn from the best; so we hired a nationally known Fitness educator, speaker, and author to provide structured two-hour accredited continuing education classes.

At Ignite, our trainers get paid on results.
Every occupation worth doing gives monetary incentives to its employees based on doing a great job. The Fitness industry does not. Some people get paid on gross sales, but never in this country have personal trainers been given monetary incentives to give clients great results. That is until Ignite came along. That’s right! If you don’t lose body fat, they lose! Nobody else works this way. Nobody does it better. To prove it, we will give you 2 FREE SESSIONS. If you don’t love us, leave us!

Individual Personal Training

Working out with a professional trainer provides a focused way to get fit. A personal trainer can guide you through each workout, motivate you when you most need it, and keep your workout updated and versatile!

Whether you are looking for a commitment to get to the gym, interested in losing 50 pounds, or seeking motivation and someone to push you to new limits, our trainers will meet your needs! Call for more information on our individual personal training sessions!

Semi-Private Personal Training

“Misery loves company” is the adage behind this program. Train with a friend or spouse to increase the enjoyment of your session. Training partners are great for competition, motivation, and maintaining your commitment to exercise. Semi-private personal training is a great way to get the personal training experience at a more than affordable price. In fact, you can split the price.

Sports Specific Training

Sports activity classes are designed for the golfer or weekend tennis player who would like to improve his/her game through training methods other than traditional strength training and cardiovascular work. By training with the right combination of power, stretching, balance, and conditioning, you will reach your peak performance shape and excel at your sport in no time!

In Home Personal Training

Ignite now offers our clients in-home personal training services with the same skilled staff of trainers who work in our studios. An experienced personal trainer will come to your home on the days and at the times that are convenient to you. Save time and gasoline by avoiding the drive to the gym. Select your workout music or choose to exercise in the quiet of your home. Child care problems can be avoided. Seniors and people living in assisted living centers can train without transportation issues or costs. Other people exercising will not distract you, allowing more focus on your workout. You can train in the comfort, safety and privacy of your home using exercise equipment you already have or your trainer will bring equipment to your house. Your trainer will custom design a workout program to your unique needs and goals, based on cardiovascular and resistant exercises and work to increase your flexibility. You will receive the dietary motivation, accountability, consistency and inspiration you need to succeed. You only need to provide dedication to your goals and an area in your home to exercise.

A personal trainer can help you achieve your personal best!

Ignite understands that every body has different needs when it comes to working out. That’s why we provide workout solutions for everybody. This facility is perfect for beginners weary of taking that first step, to novices looking for a new challenge. Members visit the Personal Training Studio by appointment only and work with a trainer on every visit. Benefits of working with our Fitness Professionals:

  • Personal Attention
  • Professional Atmosphere
  • Continual Guidance
  • Motivational
  • Dedicated to results
  • Cutting edge Fitness
  • Flexible schedule

If needed, our Fitness professionals will work with your medical practitioner to develop a proper and safe exercise prescription for you.


Treating health conditions for individuals that have been inflicted with internal or external conditions is not an easy task at hand. Ignite has accepted the role to bring these individuals into high quality environment where they will be coached, motivated, trained, counseled, and to be taught a certain understanding of how to maintain a lifetime of regular physical activity.

Our highly trained staff will give clients an understanding of how to effectively and safely work different muscle groups and will give the type of support to help clients go through the emotional and physical process of recovery.

We are not limited to the type of care that we can provide, but we are limited if individuals don’t give us the chance to help them.

Weight Management

Today, millions of Americans are on a diet. Tomorrow, most will fail. But at Ignite, we will help you achieve the weight goals you work towards. In fact, we pay our trainers based on results!

But as the nation’s top personal training company, Ignite has also accepted the role of nutritional leader by creating the nation’s most comprehensive food and exercise program.

When you combine the benefits of a healthy diet with proper exercise – plus the help and encouragement of one of our incredibly well-trained personal trainers – there will be no stopping you. Unlike the millions who fail – whether it’s trying to lose a few pounds before your high school reunion or improving your golf game – you WILL look and feel better… live longer and healthier… have lots more energy… and, like so many other successful Ignite clients, you will glow. We know because our trainers will be with you every step of the way.


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