Jordan Fernandez


I discovered my passion for fitness at age 14 when I began swimming for my high school team.  At 17 I began lifting weights and competing in triathlons. Since then, I have been an active martial artist, weightlifter, and general fitness practitioner.  

I believe in a full spectrum of fitness including mobility, strength, and endurance.  I implement many exercise methods in my clients’ workout plans in order to keep the workouts challenging but fun.  My experience in martial arts, as well as endurance sports and mobility, provided me with a wide range of knowledge and workout styles to fit my client’s goals.

Training Philosophy:

I base all my workout plans around the client’s specific goals.  Depending on the individual’s needs. I believe people are usually best served by doing full body, compound movements coupled with balance, coordination, and endurance training.  I incorporate non-traditional fitness methods such as boxing/kickboxing pad work, TRX, BOSU and Balance training, in addition to traditional barbell and dumbbell lifting.


  • NASM - Corrective Exercise Specialist

  • NASM - CPT

Competitive Athletic History:

  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

  • Amateur Mixed Martial Arts

  • Olympic and Sprint Distance Triathlons