The real reason why you should never skip leg day


There are tons of jokes that circulate on the internet about skipping leg day, friends don’t let friends skip leg day, guys with huge arms and little bird legs. The truth behind these jokes are always left out…the WHY you should never skip leg day.

The fact that the lower limb muscles are extremely important for numerous of reasons, the point I am going to share today is the calories expended by working legs.

Leg workouts are comprised of the biggest muscle group on the body, Glutes, Quadriceps & Hamstrings (Back is the 2nd biggest muscle group). Therefore, when you work your lower body, you tend to burn an astronomical amount of calories compared too, let’s say, a shoulder workout.

So, if you primary goals is to shed some unwanted body fat, why would you skip leg day? You shouldn’t!

Yes, it can be painful (as it should be). You may have bad knees, hips or lower back, however, there are alternatives to every exercise (this is where a trainer comes in). The fact of the matter, everyone should work lower body, at least once a week.

*Here is your leg routine for this week. Advanced – repeat for 5 rounds. Beginners – repeat for 1 or 2 rounds.

Leg Press (neutral stance) 40-50 reps

Leg Press (wide stance) 25-30 reps

Leg Extensions (triple drop set) 10-12 reps each drop

Barbell Back Squat 10-12 reps

*Move from one exercise to the next with minimal to no rest. After completing all four exercises, rest for 120 seconds. The rep tempo for each exercise is a 2-1-1. This means take two seconds lowering the weight, one second raising the weight and one second isometric squeeze. For the triple drop-set, perform 10-12 reps, lighten the weight, perform 10-12 reps, drop the weight again and perform 10-12 reps to finish it off.