Voted Best Personal Trainers in Tucson, AZ

Train with certified fitness professionals.

At Ignite, our certified fitness coaches have years of hands-on experience. Our personal trainers’ areas of expertise include, but are not limited to, fat loss, rehabilitation, muscle development, endurance enhancement, diet coordination, and goal setting. They bring practical knowledge, skill and experience to every training session.

Meet the Team at Ignite Fitness Tucson

14 years of experience, Owner of Ignite Fitness

14 years of experience, Owner of Ignite Fitness

8 years of experience, Certified Personal Trainer

8 years of experience, Certified Personal Trainer


A personal trainer can help you achieve your personal best!

Ignite understands that every body has different needs when it comes to working out. That’s why we provide workout solutions for everybody. This facility is perfect for beginners weary of taking that first step, to novices looking for a new challenge. Members visit the Personal Training Studio by appointment only and work with a trainer on every visit.

Benefits of working with our Fitness Professionals

Personal Attention
Professional Atmosphere
Continual Guidance
Dedicated to results
Cutting edge Fitness
Flexible schedule

If needed, our Fitness professionals will work with your medical practitioner to develop a proper and safe exercise prescription for you.

Talk to one of our personal trainers about a complimentary consultation and get your first session on us!